Justice for Arie

A families worst nightmare happened on Sun Jul 22! Their precious 5 year old daughter was hit by a car in front of their house.  She is currently stable in the ICU with a broken femur, skull fracture and some bleeding in her brain.  This person left her laying in the street and drove away!  

The Cramer family needs our support and prayers now more than ever.  George will be working less so that he can be with his family during this time and Meghan is a stay at home mom.  The Cramers have 2 other kiddos at home, one of whom witnessed the event, and will need help coping with that.  

100% of sales from our digital downloads collection will be donated directly to the Cramer family. Please grab a few and share the love with someone special in your life. And continue to pray for Arie and her family. 

Here are links to Arie's Facebook page and GoFundMe page, please follow along and invite your friends and family to come together in support of little Arie.